MELT Method – Hand and Foot Therapy

The MELT Hand & Foot Therapy Balls includes everything you need to start feeling better now: 8 MELT Hand & Foot Therapy Balls (2 of each size), 1 Bunion Reducer Band, and 2 illustrated instruction guides, all in a convenient travel case. The balls and band are latex free. I highly recommend!

Restore My Posture 

Susy Russell MSPT/PAS
Licensed Physical Therapist, Postural Alignment Specialist of the Egoscue Method. Charlottesville, Va

The American Institute of Vedic Studies

AIVS is an educational center providing a broad range of training programs, resources and publications. The Institute teaches various aspects of Vedic Science, particularly Ayurveda (Vedic medicine), Vedic astrology (Jyotish) and Yoga (emphasizing Yoga Therapy). 

It also provides in depth teachings on Veda, Vedanta and Tantra. Identifying the Vedas with the broader system of Hindu Dharma, the Institute is engaged in several projects in the greater field of Hindu studies. 

The Ayurvedic Institute Albequerque, NM

The Ayurvedic Institute, recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda schools and
Ayurvedic health spas outside of India, was established in 1984 to teach and
provide the traditional therapy of East Indian Ayurveda including herbs, nutrition, panchakarma cleansing, acupressure massage, Yoga, Sanskrit, and Jyotish (Vedic astrology).

Positive Health Solutions, Charlottesville, Va 

The Cardiac Yoga® Program is a highly respected and nationally renowned system
of health promotion and stress management which focuses on the special needs
of heart patients and their families. Seminars and workshops for heart patients
as well as yoga teacher training programs are available in Cardiac Yoga.

Commonweal Cancer Help Program Bolinas, California

The Commonweal Cancer Help Program (CCHP) is dedicated to helping people seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in the face of cancer. The workshops offer a rich variety of opportunities for both intellectual and experiential learning. The CCHP is not a cancer therapy or treatment program. It is a place to explore the issues, choices, feelings and concerns that people with cancer often have, in the company of others, with an experienced and concerned staff.

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit health, education and creative arts organization that serves individuals, families and communities affected by cancer and other serious illness.

Woman Care

Claudia Sencer NP-CNM Giving Women the Time and Care They Deserve.

Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS)

Lotus is a unique temple dedicated to interfaith understanding and the Light within all faiths. Individual altars represent and honor the different world religions. The vision, design and inspiration of Sri Swami Satchidananda, the LOTUS was dedicated in 1986. In the peaceful countryside of Virginia, the doors of the LOTUS are open to welcome people of all faiths.

Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville Buckingham,Va

Whether you come as a program participant, a guest, a Living Yoga Trainee, or
a Karma Yogi, your experience at Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville will be unforgettable. Yogaville is a very special place. Situated in the rolling Virginia countryside on the banks of the James River with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a majestic backdrop to the west, it encompasses almost 1,000 acres of serene, wooded landscape with hundreds of varieties of trees and wildflowers.


Integral Yoga Distributions

Complete source for books, CDs, Videos, DVDs, tapes, accessories
and more yoga, health, nutrition and spiritual titles. 

Integral Yoga Institute New York, NY

Serving the NYC community for over 30 years, the institute offersopen Hatha Yoga classes, group meditations, and a variety of courses & workshops to nurture the body, mind and spirit. Swami Satchidananda is the founder of Integral Yoga.

The Official Buckingham County, Virginia Website

The Town of Scottsville, Va

Everything you need to know about the town of Scottsville. We are located 1/2
hour southwest of Scottsville.

Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice

If you could bring peace to the world by working through community, would you do it? Check out this group to find out how.
Charlottesville, Va

Charlottesville, Va

Everything you need to know about the Charlottesville area.