“I have been getting massage from Dhivya for quite some time now.  After each massage I feel a deep sense of renewal and renewed energy — just what I need to help ease the intensity that comes with the deep personal nature of the work I do.  In my eyes Dhivya is not just a massage therapist, she is a healer.  I highly recommend her!!!”

Shireen Lewis, Ph.D.

Founder of SisterMentors, Sister Mentors

“Heidi is a gifted healer. Over the years I have enjoyed many relaxing massages however, the next day I often felt like I could use another one because the relaxation effects did not seem to last. Heidi’s work is unique and especially effective. While she works on the tissues, she integrates gentle movement patterns whenever it is appropriate. From my experience, this seemed to have a longer lasting effect on the body. Heidi has an extensive background and years of experience. This allows her to combine several techniques and to meet the needs of the individual. Her work is extraordinary!” www.restoremyposture.com

Susy Russell MSPT/PAS

Licensed Physical Therapist, Postural Alignment Specialist of the Egoscue Method, Restore My Posture, Charlottesville, VA

“I am part of the Silent Retreat (at Yogaville). Even though I could not verbally communicate to Dhivya, she read me perfectly. In my mind I asked for pressure more deeply, or less, as was needed, and she responded in sync. I would gladly recommend her to others. She was so firmly gentle.”

Joseph L. Martin,

Builder, Palmyra, Va

“I have had regular massages from Dhivya and can wholeheartedly say they are good for whatever ails you. From a soothing relaxing session to a deeper massage targeting specific areas, Dhivya is always professional, competent, loving and gentle… Plus her facility is clean, comforting and beautiful, which is an added plus…..Highly recommended.”

Satya Greenstone

Teacher Training Coordinator, Yogaville

“Dhivya’s treatment exceeded my expectations. Though it was simply a facial, she made it a very deep experience for me!”

Judy Liebman,

Teacher, Tucson AZ

“I have had low back pain for years. Two herniated discs were discovered, and I tried various types of physical therapy, accupuncture, and traditional yoga classes. I was not getting much relief, in fact I was getting worse!! I was told by one doctor, that without surgery I would be disabled for life. I did not believe invasive approaches to be my only option. Heidi and her Yoga Therapy has done more for me than ANY other approach. After my first session, I felt better than I had in years. Prior to seeing Heidi, I was struggling with leg numbness, sciatica and debilitating back pain. It immobilized me. The yoga therapy has allowed me to get off the high dose pain medications and anti-inflammatories I had been taking. I can now take a proactive approach to my back pain. My mind-body awareness has increased and the exercises are great at relieving existing pain. Heidi’s expertise in locating one’s “weak” spots and strengthening them is simply amazing. I have never met anyone like her! I recommend her to anyone struggling with chronic pain, who believes in a more natural approach than pills and surgery.”


Orange, Virginia